Dear Abby: Maintaining Friendships

Anna Jensen, Opinion Editor

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Dear Abby,

How do I keep in touch with school friends over the summer?


Any friendship is easy to maintain if you put in the effort. Effort involves communication on both ends, as well as making and following through with plans. Many times, students get caught up in the idea that “hanging out” with friends has to be an all-day event, a party or a sleepover. If you want to hang out with a multitude of people, including the friends you normally only see at school, then you should consider doing activities such as grabbing coffee, going out to breakfast, getting ice cream or walking your dogs together. These activities only take an hour or two out of your day, but still allow you to catch up with your friends and have a good time. If you actually want to maintain these friendships during the summer months, you should center your attention on the friend you’re with and you shouldn’t sit texting on your phone. If you want to keep in touch with your friends, I suggest making plans ahead of time, because that will decrease schedule conflicts and last-minute cancellations.


Dear Abby,

What do I do when one of my friends is annoying me but I don’t know how to tell them without hurting their feelings?


Don’t ever hide your feelings from your friends. Explaining your frustrations to them directly is better than having them find out from someone else. Oftentimes, learning that one of your friends is mad at you from someone other than that friend leads to more conflict. It is better to address your friends, because not only does it increase the chances of reconciliation, but it also eliminates the ability to spread rumors. Never trash talk your friends if they are annoying you, because if they find out, it will only lead to more problems. Don’t give your friend the cold shoulder either; no argument or annoying habit he or she has is worth losing a friendship.

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Dear Abby: Maintaining Friendships