Summer plans should not cause pressure

Stephany De Avila, Staff Reporter

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Summer is right around the corner for students, and summer means vacations, festivals, jobs and time to relax. Although summer break is meant to be a break from school, many kids cram their summer with plans and activities that fill every day of the summer.

“People should be able to do whatever they want in the summer,” said junior Erin Barnes.

“I think it’s okay to want to lay low over the summer,” said senior Tristan Suasin. “It’s a time for students to relax.”

Students spend nine months in school and summer is a less stressful enviornment. Although we have winter and spring break, many school sports take away from student freedoms.

“[Students] want to have a memorable summer since we spend so many months in school and most of our time is taken up by homework and sports,” said senior Cesia Trujillo.

Summer may hold a greater significance for seniors because it is the last time they can create long lasting memories with each other before they leave for college in the fall.

“For some seniors, this is the last time they’ll be able to hangout with their friends before going off to college,” said Barnes.

This is true for senior Abby Perkowitz, who is planning to take a road trip to New Orleans and Florida with a group of friends.

“We wanted to do something big that all of us would remember before we all [head] off to different schools in the fall,” said Perkowitz.

Like Perkowitz, many are excited for what is to come in the summer. But why does there have to be pressure to have elaborate summer plans?

There should not be any pressure regarding summer plans. It is up to each individual to choose how they want to spend their summer. Whether it is spending time in their basements watching Netflix or throwing a pool party, each idea is acceptable and relaxing in its own way.

Students should not feel pressured to  have a fancy and fun-filled summer break just becasue that is what other students are doing.

“There is absolutely pressure even though there shouldn’t be,” said senior Teagan Vogel. “If you’re too tired and want to stay home one night, you end up feeling guilty because you know you’re ‘supposed to’ go out and have fun.”

“I don’t feel the pressue,” said senior Emma Mitchiner. “I just want to go out and do fun things with my friends because it is only warm  here for a short while and this is the time for all the memories to be made.”

There is a common misconeption that summer is full of parties and concerts, when in reality, many people are making their special memories with friends and family.

“Sometimes it’s the crazy moments with special people that end up being the most fun,” said Vogel. “Parties and concerts can be great, but we often build these ideas up in our heads and they aren’t as fun as the walks to Tastee Freeze with your friends late at night. It is all individual persepective.”

The pressure may stem from the people who enjoy bragging about their summer plans in front of others.

“People compare their summers to other people’s summers and they have high expectations of what it should look like,” said senior Liz Manzo.

However, even if students plan a low-key summer, they can still enjoy it just as much as those who have actvivies planned each and every day.

“It’s doesn’t matter what you do, it matters who you’re with,” said Mitchiner.

“We [just] want to create these perfect memories with the people we grow up with,” said Perkowitz

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Summer plans should not cause pressure