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Rampage Farewell: Seniors share their goodbyes before heading separate ways

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Daniel Skinner:


When I was little, I never quite imagined I’d ever make it to high school. It wasn’t because I had any severe health issues or incredible insecurities to face (which is not to say I didn’t experience those things.) I’d instead credit it to denial. I used to tell myself the world would end before I’d have to go to high school. It wasn’t until I actually got to GCHS that I realized my disbelief would be proven otherwise.

Despite the fact that I didn’t want to be here initially, I’ve really come to love this school and the people inside of it. A lot of people I care deeply about (students, teachers and administrators) have come and gone from GCHS as I’ve been here, and it’s been hard every time to say goodbye to them as they move onto new adventures in their lives. Now, as I’m the one to move forward, I’m finding myself at a loss for those words I thought would be easy to find and to share.

I guess I’ll start with this then: people will tell you to get involved in high school; they will tell you to test yourself, to try all you can so you can better understand who you are and what you will decide to do in your future. I can’t say I didn’t do the same, having been part of the debate team and the newspaper, but one of the things I learned in high school is that it is easy to overextend beyond your personal capacity for experience. Sometimes you can only handle so much, and it is important to recognize when life is more important than school and when your beliefs are more important than other people’s images of you.

The truth is, high school is the time when you really start to learn who you are and begin to become comfortable with that idea. It can be easy to join in with the crowd and make yourself invisible, but I’d encourage you not to do that. Be the one that people find strange because you don’t act quite the same as them, because there’s something unique about you that only you can bring to the table.

Four years is a lot of time to be in a place you never thought you’d actually have to ever deal with. It’s a place of hardships, friendships and companionships. (It makes sense to have so many ships considering how many bodies of water are around here.)

However, before I close, if you know me personally and can say that I’ve come to know you too, then I guarantee that you have influenced my life in a way that you may not even realize. Thank you for being a part of my life and my adventure here! I will never forget you, and I mean that.


Anna Jensen


I would be lying if I said I am not ready to graduate. I am. All of the stress, anxiety and pressure is almost over. But as I rejoice about leaving the doors of GCHS for the final time, I remember all the experiences, friendships and memories it has given me. Despite my continuing excitment for the end, I think I am actually going to miss this place.

I can truly say that I have met some of my favorite people in the halls of this school. My high school experience wouldn’t have been the same without their witty humor, their wonderful laughs or their fantastic conversations. I will miss snuggling under blankets with them, forcing them to play Clue with my mom and me, and laughing until we cry at something that isn’t even that funny. Knowing that I won’t see them every day next year is going to make the goodbyes so much harder.

Kayleigh Brown – I will always cherish our friendship and the way you make me laugh. I will always remember the day Chris almost set you on fire. You are my best friend in the whole entire world and I am not ready for you to leave me.

Emma Mitchiner – We have had the greatest laughs, the greatest hugs and the greatest friendship, one I wouldn’t trade for the world. I had serious withdrawals when you were in Ecuador for a month, and I’m going to miss you uncontrollably in college.

Aside from friendships and memories, I will miss the experiences high school gave me. We have an absolutely amazing faculty, and I have formed relationships with teachers that I know will flourish long past high school. We have activities such as Writers Week that have given me so much joy and love for a variety of writing. We have classes such as PSP and Rampage that have given me confidence in my abilities and my future career path.

I’ll miss the crazy layout nights in the Rampage room, I’ll miss the Rixton posters cluttering the walls and I’ll miss Bernice. Being a part of the Rampage staff has made my senior year absolutely wonderful, and I can’t thank Hauck or my fellow editors enough for the countless laughs, memories and confidence that you have all given me.

In a few short months, we will all be packing our belongings in the trunks of our parents’ cars and we will be kissing our home-cooked meals and cozy bed cushions goodbye. I will be attending Drake University this fall, and while I am beyond excited for my new journey to begin, I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to the one that is rapidly coming to an end before me.

By the time this paper comes out, we’ll be two days away from graduation. We will have done countless practices, and we will all be antsy to hear our names called and our diplomas handed to us. When that happens, we will have completed four of the most amazing, long, strenuous, happy, strange and glorious years of our lives. I’m glad to have ended up where I am.


Max Goldberg


Looking back on it now, I’ve realized that the Max Goldberg from four years ago is not the Max Goldberg everyone knows today. But I won’t take you on that journey now, because then this will turn into a college essay…

Grayslake Central will always hold a special place in my heart. It was here that I have made some of my best friends, and accomplished goals that I never thought were possible. But there are a few people who deserve a special shout out, as they were the ones who helped me most on this journey:

Coach Jimmy Centella – Out of all the teachers in the school, Centella has probably had the biggest impact on my life, as I believe he is directly responsible for my three years of shin splints. If it was not for his constant pestering freshman year, I would not have joined the XC and the track team, and learned that with a little sweat and determination, you can achieve your goals no matter what.

Carl Hauck – In all honesty, I’m not 100 percent sure how he puts up with us. Coming from just being an English teacher, to working part time (or full time, depending on who you ask) as the Rampage advisor, takes a lot of patience. Not only has Hauck helped to push us as a staff on paths we’ve never thought about even going on, but he has helped us become better writers. People have said the golden age of Rampage has left, but I say it has just begun.

Well, GCHS, thank you for everything. Thank you for all the cookies I have eaten, and all the friends I will never forget. Live long and prosper GCHS.


Olivia Miller


The people inside of this school have taught me so much and I will never be able to repay them all, but here is a little thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout these past four years:

To my friends – You have all taught me something I will remember for the rest of my life: I should be true to myself, I actually know nothing about the world around me, and if you look deep enough, there is good in every single person you meet. Thank you so much and I love you all.

To everyone in Rampage – I have, sadly, only been a part of Rampage for one year. However, throughout this year I have made some incredible friendships and I will never forget about what an amazing year it has been, even when we were laying out issues till eleven o’clock. I also want to specifically thank the editors. Even though I only became an editor after the third issue, you have all made me feel so welcome and I have loved every minute working on the paper with you.

To my teachers – All of you impacted my life in some way and I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, patience and faith in me. I want to thank Ms. Lobb and Mr. Hauck specifically. Both of you have helped me so much personally and intellectually. Mr. Hauck, I cannot imagine anyone else teaching Journalism. You have made my senior year such an amazing experience. Ms. Lobb, you have had such a gigantic influence on my life. You taught me to pursue my passions, how to get rid of passive voice and to believe in myself. Thank you both so much.

I am really going to miss this place and it is because the people here at GCHS are some of the most unforgettable, passionate and all around amazing people I will ever meet.


Taylor O’Neill


It is very hard to start something that addresses the end.

There are a few things that I want to say before leaving. Thank you to every teacher who challenged me, made me laugh or had deep talks about the real world with the class. Also, thank you to everyone who influenced me in any way with volleyball, from the coaches, to the girls on the team, to the people that said “good game;” little things like that matter.

Volleyball was a huge part of my high school career, but the night we lost in Regional finals, I had to wipe my tears and go layout the Rampage. Rampage is like a family, with Max Goldberg as the weird uncle who makes people laugh no matter how bad of a mood they are in.

Four years later, I have realized that I am more than just a volleyball player; athletics are just a small part of what this school has to offer. I am glad that I was told to get involved as a freshman because I wouldn’t have had the same great high school experience otherwise. Being busy was the best thing to happen to me.

Thank you to my awesome friends whosupported me and listened to me when I needed to talk. Thank you for the laughs and tears and everything in between. Thank you to my parents for nearly all of my success in high school. Coming to the end of my senior year, I realize all of the little experiences and opportunities did matter.

Go to all of the dances, go to all of the football games (and other games too or else you will be called out) and get involved (join Rampage). Don’t waste a moment, because when it is all over those are the things you will remember.

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Rampage Farewell: Seniors share their goodbyes before heading separate ways