Planning and prepping a spring assembly

Danielle Voss, News Editor

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The GCHS spring pep assembly entertained faculty and students and recognized many teams and clubs. In order to pull off this event, PSP and SAALT along with many others, put a lot of hard work and planning into the assembly.

Before they could even start figuring out the structure of the assembly, everyone had to think about what was going to go into it and what the assembly would entail.

“The students involved had to decide what they wanted to incorporate in the assembly,” said activity director Dianna Soenksen.

“We contacted teachers to get them to be involved and researched different things that we could add in, then we made action plans and started laying out the schedule and script.”

The assembly  required teamwork in order to coordinate all the different activities in place.

“It was really important for us to break every aspect of the assembly down part by part,” said assistant athletic director Abby Erlenbaugh.

“We had to make sure everything had a good balance and that it all flowed well together.”

Another important aspect they had to consider while planning, was making sure that the presenters talking at the assembly evenly divided their time between everyone.

“We put a lot of time into making sure that we found appropriate ways to balance recognition pieces between everyone without leaving anyone out,” said Erlenbaugh.

The assembly included  performances and events from  many different areas, which is one of the reasons why it was so important for them to balance time wisely.

“Performances included Mr. GCHS with a guest appearance from Mrs. Ciferri; Orchesis; student and teacher dodgeball, consisting of all spring coaches; a trivia game with questions about clubs, sports, and school history, consisting of students in spring sports; and an end of the year video created by Sarah Nandola,” said Soenksen.

“The dodgeball teams consisted of all spring coaches. The trivia game had questions about many different things. Each team consisted of students in a spring sport. One way they chose to recognize students was by putting together a video that represented this year as a whole and summarized everyone’s memories.

“The video we created was one of the biggest pieces of the assembly and it took the most work,” said Erlenbaugh. “We compiled pictures of students’ favorite moments and we wanted to make sure that we recognized their accomplishments throughout the year.”

“Even though it went a little longer than planned and got cut off, I think it went really well and I hope to do a culminating video every year from now on,” said Erlenbaugh.

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Planning and prepping a spring assembly