PSP shares experience with freshmen

Caroline Newman, Staff Reporter

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The Last Lectures: for seniors in PSP, they are a final goodbye with a message, while for freshmen, they are stories that have an important impact on them.

This is the second year PSP has done Last Lectures. Last year, GCHS alumnus Steven Anderson suggested that they do something similar to videos students watch about college professors giving their own last lectures. Anderson and fellow alumnus Kelly Bolini put together the Last Lectures after presenting the idea to PSP sponsor Dustin Chierico.

The Last Lectures show how every student goes through similar struggles, just in different ways. Everyone feels pressure and goes through tough times. According to Chierico, only seniors give Last Lectures because they have the most perspective.

“I think I would have a different story to tell if I heard a Last Lecture my freshman year,” said senior Morgan Lee.

Last Lectures allow seniors in PSP to tell stories they would not get the chance to tell otherwise. They are stories of hardships, self-discovery and everything in between. Last Lectures help to spread the idea that no matter what you are going through, someone else has also gone through the something similar, according to Chierico.

“I talk about failure and how we react to it,” said Lee. “Our failures affect what we take out of and what we learn from situations.”

According to Lee, she was able to take a situation most people experience and make something positive out of it. Lee hoped that by sharing her story she would have a positive impact on the underclassmen. She hopes the lectures will stick with them throughout high school.

“We hope that all of the freshmen and sophomores take our advice and listen to our speeches seriously,” said Lee.

Giving speeches, however, is not the only thing that Last Lectures entail. There are also mentors who guide the students giving the speeches. Senior Kenny Hinkson was one of these mentors, so he understood the difficulty in picking a topic even though he did not write one.

“You want to do something more personal,” said Hinkson. “These topics open up to maybe a few people, but those few people will now have an understanding of the upperclassmen’s experiences and grow more comfortable with whatever they are dealing with.”

According to Hinkson, Last Lectures are used to establish a respect for the upperclassmen from the underclassmen. “It’s every Last Lecture giver’s way of saying ‘I made it through high school, and although it may have seemed great from the outside looking in, I faced some difficulties getting here,’” said Hinkson.

During the Last Lectures, stories were told that some people didn’t expect, and that was the goal according to senior Britton de la Chapelle. He gave the message that every moment matters and you should take every opportunity you are given.

“You have to take chances,” said de la Chapelle. “If you don’t, you’ll look back on highschool and regret it.”

High school is four years of challenges, mistakes and growth, and taking every chance makes everything worth it to de la Chapelle.

“I wish I hadn’t wasted chances like senior Homecoming and away football games,” said de la Chapelle. “I spent so much time trying to be cool and not enough time trying to make the most of high school.”

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PSP shares experience with freshmen