Coaches show dedication to their teams year-yound

Caroline Newman, Staff Reporter

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Coaches are some of the most dedicated members of a team, but they often don’t get as much recognition as they should.

For some coaches, like volleyball coach Jason Janczak ,the commute is one of the harder aspects of coaching. Janczak lives in Cary Grove, so it is hard for him to wake up at 5:30 a.m. for a morning practice or film, then drive through Cary Grove to Hampshire for a game at seven, come back through Cary Grove, and then get back to school and have to drive right back to where they just were.

“Late games are hard because you always have to be on your A-game; you can’t let teaching ability be compromised because you had a tough game,” said Janczak. “You are a teacher first.”

Not only do coaches who live far from GCHS have to make long commutes, but those who are teachers have to grade and prepare lesson plans. This can make for long nights and rough days, similar to the way student athletes feel while in season.

For football, wrestling, and girls track coach Shawn Murphy, the commute is much easier since he lives in the Grayslake area. Living close to school makes it easy to get things from home if he forgets something in the morning, which causes him less stress on the days his teams have morning practice or late games.

“I love our athletes,” said Murphy. “Sure I don’t have a lot of personal time but as soon as I’m at a game or a meet I love to see our athletes succeed,”

Murphy spends 80 plus hours at school every week between the school day and practices, but to him, every minute is worth it. Having a coach who is dedicated and loves the sport can make or break an athlete, and GCHS coaches show their dedication every day.

“[Murphy] is one of the best coaches the football program has,” said JV football player, sophomore Jude Witkowski. “Even though the [team’s] stats don’t show it, he is one of the best and always brings a winning attitude and doesn’t let you quit.”

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Coaches show dedication to their teams year-yound